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We Passed – AKC Senior Hunt Test

AKC Senior hunt testAt the beginning of the year, like so many people, we sat down and discussed our goals, and what we would like to see ourselves accomplish in the new year. We had the usual goals, lose weight, work harder, read more, live right, those kind of things, but we also set out to get  Layton Retrievers up and running.

One goal we had this year, was to get Jet as far as we could in her AKC senior hunt tests.

As many of you know, phase 1 of getting Jet to her AKC  was a big success. With one pass from the end of last year, Jet went 3 for 3 and got her Junior title in April.The next step was to see if we could get her Senior title.

Things look a lot different going from Junior to Senior.

No more little things to help along a young started dog. This was business. Things like honoring another working dog, multiple marks, and long blind retrieves are the order. 

With the Memorial Day double header, Jet successfully achieved 2 legs of the 4 she’d need to pass her AKC senior hunt test.

Then life happened. We had a trip to Oklahoma to see our youngest son graduate from boot camp, things just got busy, and training took a bit of a back seat to everything else. When it came time for the next test, Jet looked and trained kinda rusty. To be honest it didn’t look good. Jet seemed like she came to a place where her drive and interest level dropped.

We worked through it. It wasn’t pretty, but at the test she found a bit of that old drive and was able to accomplish the task at hand. 3 for 3.

This last weekend Jet and I went for number 4. The final leg, the one we needed to make this title a reality. The old Jet was back.

After a week of hard training anAKC Senior hunt testd lots of marks, she made it look easy. No problems!

To get this title was an accomplishment that we’re all very proud of, but it won’t stop there! Our next goal will be her Master Hunter title. As a matter of fact we’re back at it already.

We’ll be running our first Master this weekend, July 21-22 at St. Louis ponds. It’s hard to know what to expect, but the one thing I do know, Jet and I will be ready to make this happen, just like all the other tests.

With her pass, over the weekend, Jet has gone 7 straight without a fail.

It’s been a great spring and summer season, and we look forward to what’s in store with the time we have left in the hunt test season. I’ll keep you posted.

On a side note, believe it or not, hunting season is just around the corner. Layton Retrievers is offering our late summer/fall gun dog tune up. If you’re the proud owner of a retriever or hunting dog that needs a little leg up to get ready, give us a call or shoot us an e-mail. We’ll work with your hunting partner to make sure they are tuned up and successful for a great year ahead.


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