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What Our Clients Are Saying

About our training

Just wanted to say thank you for all the work you did with Belle. The whole family is really enjoying her, and now that grouse season is open she has gotten to go hunting! Yesterday we came across her first grouse and she retrieved it perfectly!!!

I took my Belle to Greg for retriever training this spring and the transformation was amazing. Belle arrived with good basic obedience, but Greg took her the rest of the way training her to retrieve to hand, taking whistle commands, and casting. I now have total confidence with Belle on and off leash and this fall we were able to hunt grouse where Belle got her first wild bird and retrieved it beautifully.

There are trainers closer to where I live, but I chose Greg because he listened to what I wanted out of Belle and learned how to teach her best. Greg allowed me to come work with Belle during training which was very important to me. If you go watch Greg work with the dogs you will see how much he loves the dogs and how much respect he has for them. There is no yelling or frustration, he is incredibly patient with the dogs and works with them until they get it.

I found Greg to be honest, hardworking and a great trainer. I would not hesitate to take another dog there!

— James Grey

I have been a waterfowl hunter most of my life, but I had never owned a dog before. Last year I received a beautiful chocolate lab for my birthday. I did not know how to go about training her so I wanted to use someone who knew what they were doing. That is when I found Layton retrievers. Greg Layton truly puts all of his expertise and passion into the dogs that he trains.

I was blown away by Lady Remington’s obedience and the knowledge that had been installed in her. It has been a lot of fun taking her hunting this year, and she is doing great. One of my biggest fears was having a dog that you had to spend your hunting time yelling at them to obey. That is not the case with Lady Remington. I strongly recommend Layton retrievers and will use them again in the future.

— Matt Williams

ekeWe brought our 8-month-old lab, Abe, to Layton Retrievers this past summer for both obedience and gun dog training. We were very impressed with the wonderful work you did in preparing him for both hunting and a more obedient home life. Abe has been on multiple hunts this fall for his first season of pheasant hunting. We were impressed by his newly acquired skills and drive for the hunt! We would not hesitate to recommend Layton Retriever to anyone looking for obedience or gun dog training! We look forward to working with you in the future.

— Jimmy and Julie Warnock

I just had an amazing day at Layton Retrievers. My dog Loki was able to spend a couple hours retrieving live fliers with Greg. First time back in 6 months after his training Loki didn’t miss a beat. It just shows the time and quality that Greg spends with dogs.

— James Cripps

I couldn’t be happier with Remington’s achievement of passing 4 straight Junior tests to earn his ACK Junior Hunt Test title.

— Betsy Blauert


To say Greg is amazing is an understatement. We took our pup in there and on day one I told him I will be surprised if you can get this guy to even learn to sit. If you’ve ever seen “Marley & Me” then you know what I’m talking about. On our first visit back, Greg had him coming, sitting & staying! He’s now a completely different dog. He minds! He comes, lays, stays, walks without a leash … I would NEVER have thought this pup had it in him. Greg keeps you up to date on the progress of your pup. Your pup won’t want to leave (ours didn’t, we had to force him into the car to go home with us).   

— Tracy Hunt

These are our boys with their “adopted brother” Chase. As a puppy, Chase, had a few disobedience issues, to say the least. I decided to give Greg Layton of Layton Retrievers a call for help. It was going to be the dog or the kids…we decided to keep the kids.

Seriously though, Greg worked with our black lab and transformed him, he is a new dog. He still has puppy in him but with the training, he received (and we received) his life and ours has been tremendously better. Of course, we maintain our training with him so he doesn’t regress but what a difference in a relatively short period of time. Thanks so much.

— Greg Austin

Greg took great care in training our Chesapeake Oscar. Very happy with the results and with the experience. Greg is a very patient teacher.

— Reid Stewart

After having worked with several other trainers previously, I was hesitant to try another. However, our 2-year-old field lab was a handful and we needed help. I found Greg’s site online and sent him an email, and from his initial response on through all our sessions, I found him to be truly pleasant to work with, and very knowledgeable about field labs and dogs in general.

At first, we were going to drop our girl off for a board and train program, but we quickly realized we just couldn’t leave her overnight. She’s as much a part of our family as our children and is with us 24/7, so needless to say we weren’t going to work with just anyone. Greg, understanding our concerns, was flexible and helped us come up with a plan. We did 1:1 sessions, dropped her off a few times, and within 6 weeks of 2-3 sessions a week I was getting “wow, she’s well trained” and “how did you get her to stay there like that” comments. Pretty amazing considering how much energy she has, and how stubborn she can be.

Now, I said we’d never board her overnight, and to date, we haven’t. Our life/schedules permit that she’s always with family, but if in a pinch, I wouldn’t hesitate to take her to Greg. He’s a genuinely good, honest person, and I trust him completely. What I like the most is he’s honest and flexible… ever heard the one “if you put three trainers together, the only thing you’ll get two of them to agree on is the other one is wrong.” Well, Greg worked with us and helped to provide a lot of good alternatives when we were honest about what we would really and really not do when at home. None of this you have to do it this way or else it won’t work garbage.

Bottom line, he’s a knowledgeable trainer and a really nice guy to work with. You can’t go wrong by giving him a call.

— Rylan Malerbi


 What Our Clients Are Saying 

About our kennel 

I can’t say enough about this place. It has a safe, clean, excellent setting for your best friend. Your pet will have the best time with lots of room to run, swim and not be left in a kennel all day with no fun time!! — Eric Baird

I have trusted my dogs to Layton Retrievers for years! As soon as we get within a mile of the place, my dogs get so excited! They are so well cared for and they enjoy the walks, the pond and playing with other dogs so much. I have total peace of mind when my dogs are here. Thank you for being the best boarding place!  — Danielle Durham

It was a joy to have my female shorthair at your kennel while I was fishing in Canada. I have had bird dogs for 20 years and so I have used several kennels in the Portland area. Normally, I am used to paying almost $30 for boarding and exercise and the kennels are larger, noisier and not as clean. Your fee was actually under market and you and your staff walked my dog 2 x a day. My shorthair came home calm, happy and healthy. I used to feel bad for my dogs during vacation because of the need to board them. I look forward to my next visit to your kennel. Thank you, see you soon. — Jim Lundy

I have taken my Golden Retriever, Maggie, to Layton Retrievers multiple times for boarding. She has the best time and Greg Layton takes the absolute best care of my dog as well as the others. You just know he loves these dogs so much!! I would recommend him to absolutely everyone! — Sharon Livmk


What our clients are saying

About our puppies

When we began the search for our next labrador retriever, we discovered Layton Retrievers. After meeting “Jet” and her breeders Greg & Peri Layton, we were convinced this was the right decision. Greg is an experienced, confident, and compassionate breeder/trainer that makes you feel comfortable the minute you meet him. His kennels are very clean and well managed.

The puppies were whelped March 2016, and we selected our female “Sprig”. She is now 6 months old. She looks like her mother, and is going to be a great retriever and companion. We couldn’t be happier! Our whole experience with Layton Retrievers has been wonderful.

— Donald Guthrie

Flint is a great dog. Brett and I are enjoying him so much. He’d 80+ pounds and a handsome boy. He is easy to train and eager to please. I just wanted you to know that we are very happy with him. He really has turned out to be Brett’s dog (he likes him best) and I’m trying to be ok with that.

— Sandy Payne