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Praise From Our Clients

“Greg and his crew worked wonders with our very “strong willed” chocolate lab. I was nervous to leave my girl, but was immediately at ease when I saw how clean the boarding area and grounds were. It was obvious that all of the dogs were happy and healthy. Greg provided regular updates and was immediately responsive to my questions. He also went out of his way to work on situations unique to my dog. When I picked up my dog, despite all of the exacting hard work, my dog obviously loved Greg and crew. Greg and his staff also worked patiently to train us to reinforce the work. The results exceeded every expectation. We now have a dog that is not only obedient, but consistent and trustworthy. I give Layton Retrievers my highest endorsement..”


We have been extremely happy with Greg and the staff at Layton Retrievers. His training and handling resulted in our yellow lab Porter earning his JR Hunter title at 11 months old. He is patient and truly cares for the dogs he trains. He balances hard work with allowing the dogs to enjoy what they are doing and having fun. Porter is back early this year to continue his training and looking to that SR Hunter title before he is 2 yrs old. Greg’s training also produced a great gun dog! We hunted geese and ducks plenty this past winter and Porter performed above expectations, especially for a one year old dog. The kennels are kept impeccably clean. Greg communicates regularly and is quick to give us a call when there is anything out of the norm. We highly recommend Layton Retrievers for a well trained gun dog!

Don Cozad

“This place is awesome. Greg and his staff go above and beyond with training and customer service. I first sent my dog in for 3 months of consecutive training and the outcome was fantastic. The obedience alone was worth the wait. My dog would retrieve to hand, follow hand cast, quarter in the field, everything that was on the website was exactly what I got. Best of all my dog was happy and healthy.

I just sent him back for a refresher course and again I was amazed at the outcome.

Being new to hunting I truly didn’t know what to expect, but Greg and Brenda take the time with you one on one to explain and show you how to hunt with your dog safely and efficiently. I truly recommend Layton Retriever to any novice bird dog hunters and to any seasoned vets out there. Thanks again Greg and Brenda, you guys are the best.”

Brent C

“Great place. Inside kennel with heat. Separate quarters for every dog. Secure play area out back of the kennel building. Acreage for training complete with a pond and he has access to other land in the immediate area.  Greg is super friendly. We just needed a short stay with a training tune-up. Complete with some ecollar conditioning. My dog was happy when I picked him up. The work that I asked to be done was completed. I will use Greg and his services in the future. I highly recommend!

Jason Mills

“My 1 1/2 year old vizsla has been there 3x for 1 month each. He is well loved and happy while at camp. Greg and his staff are wonderful people who enjoy their work with dogs. They definitely help me break all of our bad habits. I live in Bend, wouldn't take my dog anywhere else."

Kyle Green

“Our dog spent 2 months with Greg and his staff and even though he's now a 10 month old Lab (known to be a high energy breed) he came home a totally different dog in regards to his knowledge of commands and his overall manners around people and surprisingly inside our home. He just seems to understand do's and don't like a much more mature dog. We work him daily (with the directions Greg gave us on his exit meeting) walking and retrieving and Ollie responds greatly and it's very obvious he enjoys the training. This is my 3rd Lab and I truly believe that taking a young dog to get trained helps them at a young age to develop a part of their brain that makes them open to learn, obey, and just want to please, and I cannot recommend a better facility than Greg's"

Michael Bailey

“All we can say is WOW, we brought our 11 month old Chesapeake bay retriever to Greg and his staff for duck dog school, at first I was not sure Scooter had it in him, he is my 4th Chessy and the most stubborn one of the lot. Well with our first trip down after a month my wife was so over joyed. Scooter was a changed dog already. His obedience training that Greg did was amazing.After the end of the training cycle, Greg gave me back a retrieving machine.

We are 100% satisfied with Greg and Brenda and will give him our complete recommendation to anyone wanting their dog trained or boarded. In fact Greg will be the only one we will board our big brown fuzzy boy with! Thank you guys for all the hard work you put in to make Scooter what he is today.”

Tom Shaeffer

“To say Greg is amazing is an understatement. We took our pup in there and on day one I told him I will be surprised if you can get this guy to even learn to sit. On our first visit back, Greg had him coming, sitting, and staying! He’s now a completely different dog. He minds! He comes, lays, stays, walks without a leash … I would NEVER have thought this pup had it in him. Your pup won’t want to leave (ours didn’t, we had to force him into the car to go home with us). ”

Tracy Hunt

“Just had an amazing day at Layton Retrievers. My dog Loki was able to spend a couple hours retrieving live fliers with Greg. First time back in 6 months after his training Loki didn't miss a beat. It just shows the time and quality that Greg spends with dogs."

James Cripps

“Best animal loving dog trainer around."

Terry Doane

“Greg is super friendly. We just needed a short stay with a training tune-up. Complete with some e-collar conditioning.My dog was happy when I picked him up. The work that I asked to be done was completed. I will use Greg and his services in the future. I highly recommend."

Mike Campbell

“I took my Belle to Greg for retriever training this spring and the transformation was amazing. Belle arrived with good basic obedience, but Greg took her the rest of the way training her to retrieve to hand, taking whistle commands, and casting. I now have total confidence with Belle on and off leash and this fall we were able to hunt grouse where Belle got her first wild bird and retrieved it beautifully.

There are trainers closer to where I live, but I chose Greg because he listened to what I wanted out of Belle and learned how to teach her best. Greg allowed me to come work with Belle during training which was very important to me. If you go watch Greg work with the dogs you will see how much he loves the dogs and how much respect he has for them. There is no yelling or frustration, he is incredibly patient with the dogs and works with them until they get it.

I found Greg to be honest, hardworking and a great trainer. I would not hesitate to take another dog there!

James Grey